[SFGP Action] Open Letter from Mirkarimi, Lipson and Sanchez

Charles Kalish chkalish at ix.netcom.com
Mon Feb 21 19:27:21 PST 2005

An open letter to Greens from your Green elected officials, Supervisor
Ross Mirkarimi and School Board Commissioners Sarah Lipson and Mark

Dear Greens,

We are writing to discuss a plan that will assist our work immeasurably.

We have subscribed recipients of the SF Greens weekly newsletter to a
new email list to which occasional messages will be sent out on an
as-needed basis describing actions you can take to help us with policy
measures and legislation.

Coordinated mass action is the best way to impact decisionmakers.
Therefore, we will be sending out individual action plans and talking
points for specific issues in order to compete effectively with those
corporate giants who are opposed to environmental and economic justice.
The action plans may ask you to write letters to the editor, make phone
calls to elected officials, send emails, or attend important committee
hearings or rallies.  

Here are several examples of our recent activities that will give you an
idea of what we may be requesting of you:

1.) Plastic Bags:  at City Hall, you may have seen the uproar over our
proposal to study the social, economic and environmental costs of
proliferating plastic bags and to determine what solutions would be
appropriate and equitable.  The media blew this up into the false
impression of "Ross Mirkarimi wants to charge poor folks seventeen cents
per plastic bag," echoing the line of Safeway and the American Plastics
Council.  Letters-to-the-editor and to supervisors helped counteract
this false impression.

2.) Superintendent's Salary Increase:  late in 2004, the lame duck
School Board called an improperly hasty meeting to grant Schools
Superintendent Arlene Ackerman a platinum parachute including a $4,000
per month housing allowance and a $375,000 no-fault severance package.
Your participation at the meeting might have helped prevent what many
saw as an abuse of power.

3.) MUNI Fare Hike:  Ross and Chris Daly are the only Supervisors
actively fighting against MUNI fare hikes and service cuts right now.  A
coordinated mass action on our part may inspire the other Supervisors
and the larger community to prevent these regressive proposals from
becoming reality. 

We appreciate greatly the support you have given in the past to help us
get elected.  We need your continuing support in the future to help
implement Green progressive policy and legislation.

We hope you will continue to stay subscribed to this action list, but if
you wish to unsubscribe, 
click here:  <<mailto: action-unsubscribe at sfgreens.org>> (Unsubscribing
from this action list will not affect your subscription to the weekly SF
Green newsletter.)

Look for our first call-to-action soon.


Sarah Lipson
Mark Sanchez
Ross Mirkarimi

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