[SFGP Action] Support Legislation from Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi - Hearings 3/23 and 3/29

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Protect the Rights of Workers to Organize in SF!

Big companies who recieve franchise grants from the city to provide a utility 
or public airwaves service don't always respect the rights of their workers 
to organize.  Help give workers a fighting chance in San Francisco by 
supporting Supervisor Mirkarimi's legislation to protect employees of franchise 

This legislation declares that San Francisco expects the rights of workers to 
be respected.  The legislation makes sure that companies can't discriminate 
against a worker who chooses to join a union.  It also protects workers who are 
employed by contractors and subcontractors. Our workers need our support.  
Take action to protect their freedom of
association now.

What You Can Do:

Attend the Rules Committee Hearing at City Hall on March 23th (room 263 at 10 
AM) and tell the Board you support protecting employee rights, especially the 
right to organize.

Also, please show your support for this important legislation by thanking the 
Supervisors who have co-signed the legislation: Daly, Ammiano, McGoldrick, 
Peskin, Dufty, Ma, Maxwell and Sandoval.

Then call and email the Mayor and the other members of the Board and urge 
them to support this bill too.

Mayor Newsom - (415) 554-6141, gavin.newsom at sfgov.org

Pres. Aaron Peskin - (415) 554-7450, Aaron.Peskin at sfgov.org
Sup. Michela Alioto-Pier - (415) 554-7752, Michela.Alioto-Pier at sfgov.org
Sup. Tom Ammiano - (415) 554-5144, Tom.Ammiano at sfgov.org
Sup. Chris Daly - (415) 554-7970, Chris.Daly at sfgov.org
Sup. Bevan Dufty - (415) 554-6968, Bevan.Dufty at sfgov.org
Sup. Sean Elsbernd - (415) 554-6516, Sean.Elsbernd at sfgov.org
Sup. Fiona Ma - (415) 554-7460, Fiona.Ma at sfgov.org
Sup. Sophie Maxwell - (415) 554-7670, Sophie.Maxwell at sfgov.org
Sup. Jake McGoldrick - (415) 554-7410, Jake.McGoldrick at sfgov.org
Sup. Gerardo Sandoval - (415) 554-6975, Gerardo.Sandoval at sfgov.org

Don't know which is your supervisor?  Here's a map:


Expand the First Source Hiring Program

The city currently has a 1st Source Hiring Program that is supposed to 
connect low-income and historically disadvantaged peoples with job opportunities.  
Companies list job openings for entry level positions with the program and the 
program distributes this information to public assistance programs, community 
organizations and other centers that serve the disadvantaged.  Low-income 
people then have an advantage of applying for the jobs early.  Unfortunately this 
program has not be given the resources to be effective.  Support Supervisor 
Mirkarimi's legislation to improve the program and bring more jobs to
the poor.

Supervisor Mirkarimi's legislation will do the following:

1.Expand the types of jobs available to low-income and disadvantaged people 
to go beyond construction into other industries with more growth in SF.

2.Ensure that the program gets enough resources to be successful via fines 
that will be strictly enforced on companies that don't comply with offering jobs 
to low-income and disadvantaged people first.

3.Reduce poverty in SF by increasing creating more avenues for low-income 
people to get access to jobs with the opportunity for advancement.

Take Action!

Attend the Budget and Finance Committee Hearing at City Hall on March 29th 
(inside the Board chambers at 1 PM) and tell the Board you support expanding the 
First Source Hiring program.

Also, please show your support for this important legislation by calling and 
emailing the Mayor, your Supervisor, and the other members of the Board.

Ross Mirkarimi - (415) 554-7630, Ross.Mirkarimi at sfgov.org 

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