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Hello Fellow Greens,

In this update:
1. News
2. Events

Matt Gonzalez wrote an editorial for the San Francisco Chronicle about the 
non-citizens voting initiative. 

Also in the news has been upcoming implementation of Instant Runoff Voting 
(IRV)/Ranked Choice Voting.  Matt Gonzalez held a press conference on this topic 
Thursday, July 22.  The press conference announced that IRV is ready, and the 
community education campaign is being kicked-off.

There is a flash animation that has been developed about IRV in San 
Francisco, a kind of mini movie on the Web that shows how IRV works, how voters mark 
their ballots, etc.  View the animation at http://www.fairvote.org/sf/vote/.

For more local coverage of IRV and non-citizen voting in San Francisco, visit 
Suzanne Herel of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote a nice article about Matt 
Gonzalez.  The story also mentions Terry Baum.

Jane Kim, a Green, has officially entered the race for School Board. She held 
her kick-off party last Saturday.  Visit her web site at www.janekim.org.

Mark Sanchez, incumbent Green candidate for School Board, has launched his 
own web site at www.marksanchez.org.

Here are links to a few articles on David Cobb, Green Party candidate for 


The campaign school that was scheduled for July 31 in Los Angeles has been 

Thursday, July 29
Join us for this month's Housing and Land Use seminar, when the topic will be 
Housing Development, Gentrification, and Displacement: Can We Strike a 
Balance that Works? Presenters include the San Francisco Green Party's own Christina 
Olague, who is now on the San Francisco Planning Commission, Kate White from 
Housing Action Coalition (HAC), and Oscar Grande from Mission 
Anti-Displacement Coalition (MAC). If you have any questions you'd like the panelists to 
address about the political dynamics of housing development, neighborhood concerns 
about building housing, or any other issues related to this month's topic, 
please send a message via email to the address listed below and we'll try to 
incorporate them.
This is the sixth seminar in a monthly series on housing and land use issues 
sponsored by the San Francisco Green Party and hosted at New College of 
California. The seminar is being held from 7 - 9 PM at the New College of 
California, located at 777 Valencia Street in San Francisco. Contact David Wilbur at 
drwsf at sbcglobal.net for additional seminar details, to suggest speaker 
recommendations for future workshops or to get on the mailing list.

Friday, July 30
Join the Pat Gray for Congress campaign at its new office for a grand opening 
party! The office is a store front at 212A Miller Ave in South San Francisco. 
Miller is one block north and runs parallel from Grand Ave. It is just off 
101---one block west of the highway. Party begins at 7 PM and all are welcome. 
Enjoy food drink, music and chance to talk politics, and plan another party for 
the retirement of Tom Lantos. Pat Gray is the Green Party candidate in 
Congressional District 12. www.patgray.org

Tuesday, August 3
Come to a Sneak-Preview Fundraiser Film Screening of "There's Something About 
W", narrated by Peter Coyote, with commentary by Molly Ivins, Paul Krugman, 
Al Franken, Arianna Huffington, Bill Maher, Kevin Phillips, Will Durst, Daniel 
Ellsberg and Michael Moore.  Event takes place at 8 PM at the Roda Theatre, 
2015 Addison Street (between Shattuck and Milvia) in downtown Berkeley.  This 
event is free, although a donation of $10-$20 is suggested.

Thursday, August 12
Salsa and Sanchez at El Rio
Join School Board Member Mark Sanchez and DJ Platypus for an evening of 
music, joy and great talk from 6 - 9 PM. Learn how you can help SF Green Party's 
incumbent win re-election.  Event is being held at El Rio, located at Mission 
and Cesar Chavez Streets. www.marksanchez.org

Sunday, August 15
Come to a campaign kick-off for Susan King, who is a Green running for 
Supervisor in District 5. The event will be from 5 - 7:30 PM at The Canvass Gallery, 
located at 1200 9th Avenue @ Lincoln in the inner Sunset.

Monday, August 16
School Board and Community College Board Candidates' Forum
Come and hear candidates for School Board and community college board speak 
at this candidates forum, which will be held from 6-9 PM. The location has not 
yet been determined. The final decision on the three or less candidates that 
we will endorse after the School Board Forum will be made at our General 
Membership Meeting on Wednesday, August 22.  Incumbent Mark Sanchez has already been 
endorsed by the San Francisco Green Party.

Thanks to all of our members for your continued support!

Warm Regards,
Erika McDonald
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