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Thu Apr 20 22:33:40 PDT 2006

SF GREEN PARTY WEEKLY 4/21/06-4/27/06

  - 4/12: Katrina, Three Strikes and Dirty Elections, by Green Party Lt.  
Governor Candidate Donna J. Warren  
  - 4/17: Aimee Allison, Green Party candidate for Oakland City Council,  
writes about police and crime in Oakland  
  - 4/17: A Tribute to Marla Ruzicka  
  - 4/18: Healthy Saturdays Passes Unanimously; SF Green Party Among  
Supporters (http://www.beyondchron.org/news/index.php?itemid=3165#more)
  - 4/18: Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi Gets Funding Approved to Save John  
Swett Alternative Elementary School  
  - 4/19: Green Party Member Joe Lynn Resigns from Ethics Commission  
  - 4/19: Bayview Redevelopment Hits Board of Supervisors  

This week:
  - 4/21: Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi Hosts Art Opening Of Riley  
McFerrin's Work
  - 4/22: EARTH DAY MOBILIZATION for Aimee Allison for Oakland City  
  - 4/23: Reception for Barry Hermanson for Assembly
  - 4/24: Salmon rally to help salmon fishermen, communities and the  
Klamath River  
  - 4/25: Transportation Working Group
  - 4/25: 30 years after Roe v Wade: Firsthand account by son of Ob-Gyn
Save the date:
  - 5/24: Something Fun at the Green Party Forum!!!  Join the medley of  
politics and performance

  - Healthy Saturdays in Golden Gate Park Wins Significant Victory
  - Attend a Hearing to Support Healthy Car-Free Saturdays in Golden  
Gate Park! Also tell the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to Support  
  - Co-Chair Needed for GROW Working Group

  - Discuss Instant Runoff Voting in Green Party Activist Jim  
Dorenkott's Blog (http://www.dailykos.com/user/jim%20d)
  - Take Action!
  - Earn A Living Making San Francisco A More Green and Progressive City!
  - Become a Green Party Sustainer!

  - Three Years of War: A Shame on Our Nation  



4/21: Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi Hosts Art Opening Of Riley McFerrin's  

Friday, April 21

San Francisco City Hall, 1 Carlton B Goodlett Place, Room 282


Please join Supervisor Mirkarimi in celebrating the 35th Anniversary of  
Earth Day on April 22 with San Francisco artist Riley McFerrin.

In this new body of work titled "Let Outside Inside", Riley McFerrin  
takes a closer look at the growing divide between people and
nature by combining both naturally occurring and synthetic materials in  
unexpected and symbolic ways.

This body of work evokes our awkward and often helpless interactions  
with nature, and contemplates life in an age where our tools of  
survival are no longer as closely connected to the natural world as  
they used to be.

Riley McFerrin's studio is located in Hayes Valley.  His works have  
been featured at the Bucheon Gallery, the Low Gallery, Thoreau Gallery,  
and the Tinhorn Gallery, in San Francisco.


4/22: EARTH DAY MOBILIZATION for Aimee Allison for Oakland City Council

Saturday, April 22

Aimee Allison HQ: 3208 Grand Ave (next to the Grand Lake Theater),  


Because absentee and walk-in voting starts in less than four weeks, WE  
NEED HELP NOW -- so that we can elect Aimee Allison to Oakland's City  

Join Aimee Allison, Green Party candidate for Oakland City Council, on  
April 15, 22 amd 23 as we walk the neighborhoods to promote Aimee's  
candidacy to thousands of voters!  This is a grassroots campaign  
effort, so we need as many volunteers as possible to get the word out  
about Aimee.  Also, former Oakland City Council member Wilson Riles  
will be joining us for the 11:00 am shift on April 22 -- make a  
commitment to help us out then, if you can!

Aimee is committed to:

- Advocating for a future for Oakland's youth: resources for excellent  
schools and after school programs, and job and college placement  
- Creating economic development that lasts: balancing housing and  
industrial growth to create real economic development;
- Developing affordable housing for working families: mandating the  
creation of affordable homes to help all Oakland residents;
- Making Oakland safer for all: demanding a responsive, accountable  
police force, directing resources to addressing violent crime, and  
implementing programs to address the root causes of violence in our  

Please confirm that you can join us.

For more info, or to RSVP, please call: (510) 986-1125.


4/23: Reception for Barry Hermanson for Assembly

Sunday, April 23

1339 27th Avenue, San Francisco

Join the Westside Green Club in support of Green candidates:

Barry Hermanson (State Assembly, District 12) and Nancy Lewis (Green  
Party County Council)

Refreshments served. Bring family, friends and all interested voters.  
Children are most welcome.  These events are sponsored by the Westside  
Green Club.


4/24: Salmon rally to help salmon fishermen, communities and the  
Klamath River  

Monday, April 24th
10:00 a.m.  

Pier 47 - San Francisco

This rally, held by Congressman Mike Thompson (CA-01), will bring  
attention to the salmon season off the coasts of California and Oregon,  
and also roll-out a disaster assistance bill that is aimed to help the  
communities in need. Another aspect of the bill will have a  
conservation component to help restore and monitor the salmon of the  
Klamath River.  

The reason for the dramatically shortened salmon season is because the  
Klamath River will not meet the 35,000 natural spawner floor for  
fall-run chinook for the third consecutive year. The reported result  
will likely be a near closure of Oregon and California's commercial  
ocean, in-river Klamath and tribal fisheries for 2006.  

The impacts on the California coastal economy from last year's season,  
which was cut by 60-percent due to poor Klamath River returns, combined  
to a near closure of this year's season, would be catastrophic and  
could very likely have permanent affects on the salmon fishing industry  
and related businesses in both states.  

The declining salmon populations in the Klamath River basin are due not  
to over fishing by tribes, the commercial salmon fishing industry or  
recreational anglers; but federal mismanagement of the Klamath River  
system which hurt both farmers and fishermen. This mismanagement led to  
the fish kill in 2002 when up to 78,000 adult salmon died on the  
Klamath River. It also led to the outbreak of Ceratomyxa Shasta (C.  
Shasta) which has reportedly infected 80-percent of juvenile salmonids.  
Mortality from C. Shasta is 100-percent.  

We look forward to seeing you there, and thank you in advance for your  


4/25: Transportation Working Group

Tuesday, April 25

San Francisco Green Party office, 1028 A Howard St (between 6th St. and  
7th St.), San Francisco

Regularly scheduled TWG meeting.  Supposrt Congestion Pricing study.


4/25: 30 years after Roe v Wade: Firsthand account by son of Ob-Gyn

Tuesday, April 25
Starts 6:30PM

Valencia Street Books, 569 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Jonathan Birdsong, Legislative Director for Congressman Mike Thompson,  
231 Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515, (202) 225-3311,  
(202) 225-4335 - FAX: 415-552-7200

In 1973, Eyal Press and his family arrived in Buffalo where his father,  
Shalom, had accepted a three-year residency in obstetrics and  
gynecology, only three weeks after the Supreme Court handed down its  
decision in Roe v. Wade. Leaving Israel, a country where militants  
routinely invoke religion to justify force, the family expected that  
life in Buffalo would be tranquil. They weren’t prepared for what the  
next three decades held in store—protesters outside their home, mock  
funerals at Shalom Press’s office and the 1998 threat on his life,  
which came shortly after his colleague was killed by James Kopp. The  
shooting of Dr. Barnett Slepian haunted Eyal, now a journalist, and  
compelled him to understand why the abortion conflict has sparked such  
passion and fierce moral convictions on both sides of the issue. Hence,  
his new book,"ABSOLUTE CONVICTIONS: My Father, a City, and the Conflict  
that Divided America."

Hosted by Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights.


5/24: Something Fun at the Green Party Forum!!!  Join the medley of  
politics and performance

Wednesday, May 24

Studio Z, 314 11th Street @ Folsom, San Francisco

(415) 252-7666

$5 to $500 Must be 21+, with ID No one turned away for lack of funds

Join the medley of politics and performance with:  Barry Hermanson  
(candidate for 12th Assembly district), Forrest Hill (candidate for  
Secretary of State), Ross Mirkarimi (Supervisor, District 5), Mehul  
Thakker (candidate for state treasurer), Laura Wells (candidate for  
state controller), Diamond Dave Whitaker (San Francisco icon of poetry  
and Greenism ...), Ubidube Whitaker (Rocker and son of icon ...), Mike  
Wyman (candidate for state Attorney General), Go Van Gogh (Indy rock  
band), Garrin Benfield (Indy soloist)  And more ...



Healthy Saturdays in Golden Gate Park Wins Significant Victory

Thank you for helping our efforts to win more car-free space in Golden  
Gate Park. Thanks to your calls & letters and thanks to more than 100  
of us who spoke up at the hearing on Friday, we won unanimous support  
from the Board of Supervisors' Land Use Committee for Healthy  
Saturdays. (Special thanks to Supervisors McGoldrick, Mirkarimi, and  
Maxwell for their crucial support.)

But it's not over yet...the Healthy Saturdays legislation heads to the  
full Board next week, on April 25th. We're working for unanimous  
support from the Board and the Mayor, so your help is still needed.  
Please contact the on-the-fence city leaders and urge them to support  
Healthy Saturdays.


Co-Chair Needed for GROW Working Group

Micheas Herman of the GROW Working Group (tabling and voter  
registration) is seeking a new co-chair.  Contact Micheas Herman at ...  
or the County Council at cc at sfgreens.org for more information.



Take Action!

Find out about opportunities to help our elected Greens (writing  
letters, attending hearings, etc) -- subscribe to the SF Green Party  
Action list! The Action list is a low-traffic list (approximately one  
message per week in addition to our newsletter) telling you what you  
can do to help:   


Earn A Living Making San Francisco A More Green and Progressive City!

Two years ago, former organizers for the Matt Gonzalez for Mayor
campaign decided it was time to stop getting 'close but not close
enough' to progressive victories like public power and Matt as Mayor,
and to begin a city wide, year round, grassroots campaign that would  
start helping us win such victories!

So in January 2004, the organization Our City was born. Since then we
have helped to:

- Pass the ban on old polluting diesel buses
- Pass Matt Gonzalez's anti chain store law
- Get the downtown hotel workers back on the job, and
- Get the Police and Planning Commissions put back on SF Government TV
after the City tried to pull them off.

Now we are campaigning to get rid of PG&E's monopoly on our electricity
service, and start running the City on renewable energy like solar and
wind power instead!

We have just begun hiring and training new grassroots campaigners to
help us win this fight.
No experience necessary.
Earn $280 to $400 each four day work week learning to be a strong
progressive organizer.
To apply, call Eric at 415-756-8844 from noon to 2pm any weekday, or
send an email to jobs at our-city.org

For more information, see our web site at http://our-city.org


Become a Green Party Sustainer!

As you may know, the SFGP is supported by our wonderful sustaining  
donors -- 175 and growing.  In the next 12 months we hope to double  
that figure, and you can help us achieve our goal by signing up to make  
a regular contribution to the Green Party.

Our sustainer program nearly pays all of our basic monthly operating  
expenses, including rent and utilities on the office, and drastically
reduces the amount of work needed to raise money.  Our sustainers free  
us up to do what we're really here for - to pursue Green values through  
the democratic system. Sustainers also ensure that we are able to keep  
our office, which has hosted numerous campaigns' headquarters including  
the successful Prop A, Instant Runoff Voting initiative.

Becoming a Green Party sustainer is easy, fun, and secure!

For more information, see  


For more info on our activities, please see our website,
http://www.sfgreenparty.org. You can also email us questions at
info at sfgreens.org.  To send us news items (short blurb please, plain
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