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- GPCA Spokesperson Susan King Discusses Green Party on the 11/30 NPR  
California Report Issue
- Gayle McLaughlin and Forrest Hill speak on KPFA's Morning Show  
11/30, 7:30 - 8 AM Block

This week:
- 12/7: Animal Advocacy Working Group
- 12/7: Free Josh Wolf
Next week:
- 12/9: Anti-War Organizing Meeting with Todd Chretien
- 12/10: Impeach Bush Rally
- 12/12: SF Green Party County Council meeting
- 12/15: Bringing forth Light from Darkness
Save the date:
- 12/16: Holiday Party at Barry Hermanson's for Progressives
- 12/17: WestSide Green Club Holiday Party
- 12/20: SFGP Holiday Party
- 12/20: Please Join John Rizzo to Celebrate

- Car-Free Talk with Green Party Activist Sue Vaughan

- Discuss Instant Runoff Voting in Green Party Activist Jim  
Dorenkott's Blog (http://www.dailykos.com/user/jim%20d)
- Take Action!
- Earn A Living Making San Francisco A More Green and Progressive City!
- Support the San Francisco Green Party by Becoming a Sustainer

- Who's the Bush Now? (http://tinyurl.com/yz6s9q)



12/7: Animal Advocacy Working Group

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Golden Era Vegetarian Restaurant, 832 Clement Street, between 9th and  
10th Avenues, San Francisco

The Animal Advocacy Working Group is involved in animal issues in San  
Francisco. The Ten Key Values apply to protecting the welfare of non- 
human animals. Of course, all are welcome.

For more information, email Rosalind Lord at rclord at seaserpent.com


12/7: Free Josh Wolf

Thursday, December 7, 2006
Starts 7:30PM

Balazo Gallery, 2183 Mission Street near 18th, San Francisco, CA

Suggested donation $2 to $25
Cash bar available with ID
This event is ALL AGES

For more information and/or to participate in this event contact Andy  

MARC LENO  California State Assemblyman
BRUCE BRUGMANN  Publisher Bay Guardian
CHRIS DALY  San Francisco Supervisor
ROSS MIRKARIMI, San Francisco Supervisor
DAVID GREENE  Executive Director, First Amendment Project
JANE KIM  School Board Comissioner Elect
SARAH OLSON  Radio Producer and Independent Journalist

Film Premiere:
New short film about Josh by filmmakers


*JOSH WOLF* is a San Francisco free-lance journalist  being held for  
his refusal, based on journalistic principles, to turn over to a  
federal grand jury his news footage from a July 2005 protest. Free- 
press advocates from around the world have called his incarceration  
unjust and a grave violation of the freedom of the press.  Josh is  
well on his way to becoming the longest-incarcerated journalist in US  
history. His case has prompted Reporters Without Borders to lower the  
United States' ranking for press freedom nine points to 53rd in the  

For his commitment to journalistic freedom Josh received the 2006  
Journalist of the Year Award from the Society of Professional  
Journalists. On this occasion he was praised by Assemblyman Mark Leno  
who commended his "courageous dedication to protecting freedom of the  
press in our country."

For more information on Josh's case and to learn how you can help  
visit  www.joshwolf.net

Sponsored by:
- The San Francisco Bay Guardian
- The Free Josh Wolf Coalition
- The League of Young Voters
- Society of Professional Journalists NorCal Chapter
- Reporters Without Borders
- First Amendment Project
- Youth Radio


12/9: Anti-War Organizing Meeting with Todd Chretien

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Haymarket Library Meeting Room, 110 Capp Street, San Francisco, CA

We, the undersigned, are asking you to attend an urgent organizing  
meeting to discuss the potential of planning an anti-war  
demonstration on January 27 in San Francisco.  On that day, hundreds  
of thousands of people will march outside Congress and the White  
House in Washington, D.C. to demand an end to the war in Iraq.  The  
Bay Area’s voice must be heard in solidarity.  Some of us voted for  
the Democrats, some voted for the Greens or Peace and Freedom  
parties, some didn’t vote at all, but we all agree that we cannot put  
our faith in the politicians to bring our troops home now.  We owe it  
to the Iraqi people and to the American troops in Iraq to rebuild the  
anti-war movement, and to do it now.

One of the biggest obstacles facing the anti-war movement was the  
sense that Bush was invincible and that protesting didn’t matter.  In  
San Francisco, hundreds of thousands of people marched on February  
16, 2003 to try to prevent the war.  Most of them are more opposed to  
the occupation now than they were back then, but most of their  
opposition has been passive.  It’s time to appeal to them to come  
back to the streets.  We have to take advantage of the new  
expectations and the new hope that millions are drawing from watching  
Rumsfeld pack his bags and see Bush get a “thumping,” as he put it.

We do not have to agree on everything.  This organizing meeting will  
be open to everyone who agrees that:  Rumsfeld is Gone:  Time to  
Bring the Troops Home from Iraq Now!  Other demands, such as End the  
Occupation in Afghanistan, Free Palestine/End Aid to Israel, No  
Sanctions against Iran, Defend Arab and Muslims from Racist Attacks,  
US Out of the Middle East and others can be discussed and decided  
upon by the group as a whole at the meeting.

Please spread the word far and wide and attend this important  
meeting.  Bring your friends and family.  You don’t have to have  
experience to participate.  You don’t have to live in San Francisco.   
You don’t have to know everything about the Middle East!  You just  
have to want to end the war and do something about it.


12/10: Impeach Bush Rally

Sunday, December 10, 2006

United Nations Plaza, SF Civic Center (Market and Hyde), San  
Francisco, CA

Rally for International United Nations Human Rights DAY/ 
Impeachment:Co-sponsored by Worldcan'twaitdriveoutthebushregime,  
Impeachbush-cheney.com Endorsed by ANSWER-SF, Codepink, SF Greens,  
Watch Orange Jumpsuited Human Rights "Carolers" (& join in!); Hear  
fantastic speakers: Larry Everest, Dr. Phillip Peters & others. Join  
the costumed shopping spree at the farmers market. Sign the petition.  
Donate if possible; RAIN OR SHINE - BE THERE!


12/12: SF Green Party County Council meeting

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

San Francisco Green Party, 1028A Howard St (between 6th St. and 7th  
St.), San Francisco, CA 94103

Regular monthly meeting of the elected county council. Moved to  
Tuesdays before the San Francisco Green Party General Monthly Meeting  
to accommodate newly elected and appointed CC member's schedules.


12/15: Bringing forth Light from Darkness

Friday, December 15, 2006

Sunnydale and Persia streets, San Francisco, CA

On this day, in San Francisco's largest public housing site, we will  
be marching to call attention to the burgeoning issue of violence in  
our city and region, beyond. The march will be a statement asking for  
redierection in federal, state, and local policies as we stand with  
mothers that children have been murdered on our streets.

"Bringing Forth Light From Darkness" is intended to bring women, men  
and children from the Bay Area and nation who have been adversely  
affected by violence and the abandonment of federal, state and local  
resources to curb violence here at home. In addition, this march will  
bring awareness to the current war in Iraq in an effort to bring our  
American troops home. We look forward to to your support with this  
major city changing event.


12/16: Holiday Party at Barry Hermanson's for Progressives

Saturday, December 16, 2006

2467 28th Avenue, between Taraval and Ulloa, San Francisco, CA

Call Barry Hermanson at 664-7754

Holiday Party at Barry Hermanson's for Progressives, and especially  
to thank supporters in his race for State Assembly. Homemade beer!


12/17: WestSide Green Club Holiday Party

Sunday, December 17, 2006

1339 - 27th Avenue, between Irving and Judah, San Francisco, CA

Call Barry Hermanson at 664-7754 or Nancy Lewis at 661-5713.

Venture out to the Sunset to party with the WestSide Green Club.


12/20: SFGP Holiday Party

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

San Francisco Green Party, 1028A Howard St (between 6th St. and 7th  
St.), San Francisco, CA 94103

Instead of our monthly meeting, we are hosting a holiday get  
together. Come and join us as we celebrate the 2006 elections.  
Potluck encouraged.


12/20: Please Join John Rizzo to Celebrate

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Woody Zips, 1609 Powell Street (near Green Street), San Francisco, CA  

There is an expensive parking garage next door on Powell Street  
between Green and Union Streets.  You can also take the 15, 30, 41 or  
45 buses or walk (for about 15 - 20 minutes) from the financial  

If you would like to make a campaign contribution (of up to $500 per  
individual) to help pay off John Rizzo's campaign debts, please mail a
check, made out to JOHN RIZZO FOR COLLEGE BOARD, to:

1621 Waller Street, #2
San Francisco, CA 94117

Thank you for your support!



Car-Free Talk with Green Party Activist Sue Vaughan

Keep an eye out for "Car-Free Talk" on San Francisco's public access  
tv station, Channel 29.  In the next show, David Fridley, staff  
scientist at Lawrence Berkeley and member of San Francisco Oil  
Awareness, discusses the myth of biofuels.

Date and time to be announced.



Take Action!

Find out about opportunities to help our elected Greens (writing  
letters, attending hearings, etc) -- subscribe to the SF Green Party  
Action list! The Action list is a low-traffic list (approximately one  
message per week in addition to our newsletter) telling you what you  
can do to help:  https://list.sfgreens.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/ 


Earn A Living Making San Francisco A More Green and Progressive City!

Three years ago, former organizers for the Matt Gonzalez for Mayor  
campaign decided it was time to stop getting 'close but not close  
enough' to progressive victories like public power and Matt as Mayor,  
and to begin a city wide, year round, grassroots campaign that would  
start helping us win such victories!

So in January 2004, the organization Our City was born. Since then we
have helped to:

- Pass the ban on old polluting diesel buses
- Pass Matt Gonzalez's anti chain store law
- Get the downtown hotel workers back on the job, and
- Get the Police and Planning Commissions put back on SF Government  
TV after the City tried to pull them off.

Now we are campaigning to end PG&E's monopoly and run the City on  
renewable energy like solar and wind power, and to stop corporations  
from taking private monopoly control of the new public internet and  
cable system being built for San Francisco.

We have just begun hiring and training new grassroots organizers to  
help us win these campaigns.

No experience necessary.

Earn $280 to $400 each four day work week learning to be a strong  
progressive organizer.

To apply, call Eric at 415-756-8844 from noon to 2pm any weekday, or  
send an email to jobs at our-city.org

For more information, see our web site at http://our-city.org


Support the San Francisco Green Party by Becoming a Sustainer

The San Francisco Green Party needs donations for rent on the office,  
mailings, signs, and many other expenditures in order to wage  
effective political campaigns.

We are especially interested in building up our base of "sustaining  
members," those who agree to contribute a certain amount each month  
by credit card. By becoming a sustaining member you save us money and  
time that we can then devote to our political work. It is a method of  
donation that is perfect for a grassroots organization like the Green  
Party as it allows us to thrive off of many, many small and medium  
size donations instead of depending on a few large donors.

For more information, please visit the MAKE A DONATION page on the  
website at http://www.sfgreenparty.org/makeadonation/makeadonation.html

For questions about the sustaining member program contact  
treasurer at sfgreens.org

To make a one-time donation by mail please send a check made out to  
The San Francisco Green Party to:

San Francisco Green Party
1028A Howard St.
San Francisco, CA 94103


For more info on our activities, please see our website,
http://www.sfgreenparty.org. You can also email us questions at
info at sfgreens.org.  To send us news items (short blurb please, plain
text only) for possible inclusion in the newsletter, email
news at sfgreens.org.  Please don't put these addresses on mailing lists;
messages not specifically addressed to us won't go through.

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