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April 26th, 2009

Green greetings,

An odd thing happened on Earth Day, Fox News interviewed the SFGP's Eric
Brooks on using animals to produce biodiesel!
Check out the video: http://www.sfgreenparty.org/


* Green Screen Free Thursday Theater: , 7-11:30pm
No movie night for the 30th, Join us for The Reader & more TBA on May 7th!


* SAVE THE DATE: May 26th, 5-9pm - Join us for a celebration of
Supervisor Mirkarimi's appointment to the CA Coastal Commission, a
valuable body charged with protecting our beautiful coast!
At Madrone Lounge with live music from Garrin Benfield and more!
Details to come...

* Sunshine Ordinance Task Force and Ethics Commission Meeting:  Friday, May
1, 2-4pm
City Hall, Room 400
The Sunshine Ordinance Task Force's Compliance and Amendments Committee and
the Ethics Commission will meet to discuss ways to improve communication and
cooperation between the two bodies, which have been at loggerheads numerous
times; the meeting could be fairly lively.
Your attendance is encouraged. And since it is not likely that the meeting
will be televised or video-recorded by SFGTV, it will be extremely helpful
if you or someone you know bring a camcorder and/or still camera. The
meeting will be audio-recorded.  Please spread the word about this meeting.

* SFGP Animal Advocacy Working Group Meeting:  Monday, May 4, 7:30pm
Golden Era Vegetarian Restaurant, 572 O'Farrell St. (between Leavenworth &
Jones near Union Square)
The Group works for animal liberation and welfare in San Francisco, and
helps influence City Hall and the public, to support human/animal equality.
 Arrive at 7pm to order dinner, if desired.  The meeting begins at 7:30pm.
 To find the group, look for the table with the wolf photo displayed.  For
more information, call 415-756-8844.

* Teach-In & Mass Mobilization Planning Meeting: Saturday, May 9 - 1 to 5pm
(registration begins at 12:30pm.)
Plumbers Hall, 1621 Market St. @ Franklin St.
Help organize a mass mobilization and ongoing action campaign around the
following demands:
- No layoffs. Massive job-creation program.
- Tax the rich - don't bail out the banks.
- Pass the Employee Free Choice Act.
- Single-payer healthcare for all.
- Affordable housing for all. Tenants' rights. Moratorium on foreclosures &
- Funding for jobs, social services & infrastructure, not for war.
- Stop the ICE raids and deportations. Legalization for all!
Visibility of the Greens at the Teach-In by wearing t-shirts, buttons, wtc,
will help to validate our contribution to it. If you could help handing out
the SF Green Party brochure on May Day and the Day of the Teach-In, contact
Mato Ska at m_zehr at hotmail.com or 415-337-5773.



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