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August 26
SF Green Party Weekly News and Events


Dear Greens,

     This is a reminder about our candidate forum this Wednesday night
(details below).  We've invited the following candidates who returned
our candidate questionnaires and our seeking our endorsement:

Supervisorial Candidates: Juan-Antonio Carballo (D2), Jane Kim (D6),
  Michael Nulty (D6), John Nulty (D8), Michael Petrelis (D8), Tony
  Kelly (D10).

BART candidate: Nick Josefowitz

Board of Education candidates: Trevor McNeil, Emily Murase, Mark
  Murphy, Shamann Walton

College Board candidates: Wendy Aragon, Amy Bacharach, Brigitte
  Davila, Anita Grier, John Rizzo, Thea Selby

All members of the public are welcome to attend and ask questions of
the candidates.  We'll have about 10 minutes for each candidate, and
will start promptly at 6 pm since several candidates have tight
schedules.  Please read the questionnaires posted on our website so we
don't ask questions they've already answered:


Although we don't have a questionnaire for the office of Public
Defender, we've also invited Jeff Adachi for an interview.


SF Green Party Monthly Members Meeting and Candidate Forum
Wed, August 27 - 6-10 pm
Redstone Building, Room 302
2940 16th Street (between Mission and South Van Ness)

We hold monthly meetings on the 4th Wednesday of every month.  We will
interview candidates who return our candidate questionnaires at our
August meeting from 6-9 pm, and make endorsements from 9-10 pm afterwards.

Returned candidate questionnaires are posted here:

If you're a candidate, and we missed your questionnaire, please
re-send it to us ASAP or call 337-1499.  If anybody thinks we should
endorse candidates for Supervisor, BART, School Board or College Board
who have NOT returned questionnaires, please encourage them to send
theirs in.  All candidates received questionnaires over two weeks ago.

If you want to ask questions of the candidates or find out more about
ballot initiatives and the Green arguments in favor or against, come
to our meeting this month!  All our meetings are open to the public,
so come if you're a new member or thinking of joining us.  Please read
the candidates' answers to our questionnaires in advance, because
we'll only have about 10 minutes per candidate and we don't want to
ask them the same thing twice.


SF Green Party Special Endorsement Meeting
Wed, September 3 - 7-9 pm
Redstone Building, Room 302
2940 16th Street (between Mission and South Van Ness)

Although we have started making endorsements on propositions, there
are still many more to consider, and we finish looking at these on
a special endorsement meeting on 9/3.

We'll consider the following propositions:
Prop A - transportation bond
Prop B - Muni funding tied to population growth
Prop C - Children's fund
Prop D - Retiree Health Care
Prop E - Soda Tax
Prop F - Pier 70
Prop J - Minimum Wage Increase
Prop K - Affordable Housing Policy
Prop 48 - Casino Referendum

Full text for all local props is posted here:

State props are here:

If you want to find out more about any of these, come ask a question!
All our meetings are open to the public, so come if you're a new
member or thinking of joining us.


Our endorsements so far:

Local Props:
* YES on G - anti-speculation real estate transfer tax
* YES on H - keeping Golden Gate Park natural grass
* NO on I - would allow nighttime lighting and fake turf on all parks
* NO on L - the "transportation balance" proposal

Local Candidates:
* David Campos for Assembly
* Daniel Flores for Judge

State Props:
* NO on 43 - anti-environmental water bond
* NO on 44 - rainy day fund, when we should be stimulating the local economy
* YES on 45 - limits on health insurance rate increases
* NO on 46 - we support raising the malpractice award cap, but strongly
  oppose random drug testing
* YES on 47 - changing some nonviolent felonies to misdemeanors
* YES on 49 - statement opposing unlimited corporate bribes


Paid contractor wanted: SF Green Party Fundraiser/Volunteer Coordinator
(a part time independent contractor (1099) position):



To submit events for our newsletter, please email a short blurb to
news at sfgreens.org. Messages to a mailing list will be rejected.

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