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Sat May 18 22:06:10 PDT 2019

May 18
SF Green Party Weekly News and Events


Dear Greens,

    Out statewide plenary is happening this weekend in San Francisco!
We welcomed more than 50 Green Party members from around the state.
We had a very productive meeting today, with several new platform
planks adopted and a great discussion of election strategy in 2020.

    Most of the delegates also used our lunch break to BART over to
Powell and Market to join today's protest against the Trump regime's
plans for war in Venezuela.  Greens say #HandsOffVenezuela!

    The agenda for tomorrow is posted on the Green Party of California
website: http://www.cagreens.org/ga/2019-05

    One of our prospective presidential candidates, Howie Hawkins of
New York, just wrote a great essay that was published by CounterPunch.
In it, Hawkins talks about the status of several competing
climate-related proposals in the NY legislature, and discusses the
positions of many environmental groups, including 350.org, on these
proposals.  There's also some very interesting information about the
responses of local political groups, such as DSA, to these proposals
and to Green Party candidates:

    Note that the SF Green Party has not endorsed Hawkins or other
Green candidates for President, as the decision on who to nominate
will be decided by our membership in the primary election next year.

    The SF Green Party's monthly meeting is happening this Wednesday,
and the detailed agenda is below.


What:  Green Party Monthly Meeting
Where:  Redstone Bldg #301 (2940 16th Street, near South Van Ness), SF
When:  Wed, May 22, 7-9 pm


5 min - Intros

15 min - Report-back from the GPCA plenary

5 min - Call for volunteers - Haight St Fair (see announcement below)

1 hour - Organizing around Climate / Extinction Activism: A recent
  report by the UN found that millions of species are threatened with
  We'll discuss the report, and Green-led activist campaigns that have
  grown in response to the climate and biodiversity crisis, such as
  Extinction Rebellion.  Can we achieve the same success in CA as
  Greens had in the UK, both in raising public consciousness, and in
  electoral results?  We'll also discuss some of what Howie Hawkins
  talked about in the article linked above, and the lessons we in CA
  can learn from the campaigns in NY.

30 min - Organizing around Improved Medicare for All:  How
  we can promote this critical issue, and use it to get more Greens
  active in SF?

5 min - Announcements

Every 4th Wednesday the SF Green Party meets to discuss issues of
concern, listen to interesting speakers, endorse events, plan outreach
and more!  Everyone welcome.  All meetings are wheelchair accessible.
To make a presentation or gain the SFGP endorsement of events and
issues, please contact our SFGP County Council at: cc at sfgreens.org


What:  Voter outreach at Haight St Fair
Where:  South Side of Haight St between Belvedere & Cole, SF
When:  Sunday, June 9, 10:30 am - 5:30 pm

We'll be doing voter outreach, registering new Greens, and helping to
organize for Single Payer Healthcare for All in California.

We'll need volunteers to help staff our table, sign up volunteers, and
register new Greens!  Our booth location is TBA.  The fair runs from
11 am - 5:30 pm, and we also need volunteers to set up at 10:30 am and
break down between 5:30 and 6 pm.  Please email cc at sfgreens.org if you
can help!


To submit events for our newsletter, please email a short blurb to
news at sfgreens.org.  Messages to a mailing list will be rejected.

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