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August 14, 2023
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Dear Greens,

    We think many of you probably listen to KPFA radio.  So if you're
a KPFA subscriber, we'd like to remind you that it's voting time.  On
August 15, an election gets underway to choose the next members of
KPFA's Local Station Board, the "LSB."
    The Pacifica Bylaws (with listener-elected boards) were adopted
after a long struggle against the 1999 takeover attempt at KPFA.  So
please use your hard-won right to vote.

    We strongly recommend voting for the "Rescue Pacifica" ticket.  To
make maximum use of your "single transferable vote," please vote for all
eight candidates (in any order).  The Rescue-Pacifica ticket is:

* Rich Stone (a SF Green Party County Council member)
* Cheryl Davila
* Stan Woods
* Edward Escobar
* Pathma Venasithamby
* Dr. Nayvin Gordon
* Steve Zeltzer
* Elizabeth Milos

    Read more about the candidates, platform, and endorsements at

    Why vote for Rescue Pacifica?  Because they oppose the pro-war /
pro-intervention views that lately have been appearing more often on
KPFA.  Those opinions can already be found throughout the corporate
media.  We think KPFA should remain true to its history as an anti-war
media outlet.  Also, it's time for an infusion of fresh talent – we
need to hear more voices from people of color, especially youth of

    Another of their priorities is having the station walk its talk
about "democracy," by restoring participatory decision-making about
programming.  Top-down decision making is not the way to run a
community institution!  For many years, KPFA had a listener/staff
Program Council to review proposed new shows and evaluate existing
ones.  A previous management eliminated the Program Council.  It needs
to be revived.

    Rescue Pacifica is also Green-friendly -- two Rescue Pacifca
Greens currently serve on the LSB: Daniel Borgstrom and Alameda County
Council member James McFadden.

    We urge KPFA subscribers not to vote for the rival "Protectors"
slate.  This faction (or its predecessors under different names) has
held a majority on the LSB for years now, yet has actually avoided
some of the most important responsibilities assigned to the LSB under
the Pacifica Bylaws.  For example: KPFA's previous General Manager
resigned last summer after nine years on the job.  The Bylaws require
the LSB to do an annual evaluation of the manager's job performance.
But the Protectors-dominated LSB did only one such evaluation, in nine
years!  And although the manager resigned a year ago, the Protectors
majority still hasn't begun the process of hiring a successor.  KPFA
subscribers deserve an LSB that takes its duties seriously, and will
do the work that's required of it.

    KPFA subscribers who provided an email address to the station
should receive voting instructions by email.  If you don't receive a
ballot link by email on August 15, please go to
https://elections.pacifica.org/ and follow the instructions there.


What:  Save the Date - Green Party monthly members' meeting
Where:  Redstone Bldg (2940 16th Street, near South Van Ness) #301, SF
When:  Wed, Aug 23, 7-9 pm

The agenda will be set at the CC meeting the week before.

Every 4th Wednesday the SF Green Party meets to discuss issues of
concern, listen to interesting speakers, endorse events, plan outreach
and more!  Everyone welcome.  All meetings are wheelchair accessible.
To make a presentation or gain the SFGP endorsement of events and
issues, please contact our SFGP County Council at: cc at sfgreens.org

Mask policy: Masks are currently optional indoors, for both vaccinated
and non-vaccinated people.  We provide the option for SF Green Party
members and invited candidates to participate in our meetings via
Zoom, so email cc at sfgreens.org for info on how you can join us


To submit events for our newsletter, please email a short blurb to
news at sfgreens.org.  Messages to a mailing list will be rejected.

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