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Sun Jun 25 09:22:36 PDT 2023

June 25, 2023
SF Green Party Weekly News and Events


Dear Greens,

* Happy Pride!

* Dr. Cornel West recently announced that he will be seeking the Green
  Party's Presidential nomination in 2024.  We will be discussing his
  candidacy and the relationship between the SF Green Party and the
  West campaign at our members meeting next week - anybody interested
  is welcome to attend, and the agenda is below.  The Green Party of
  California also issued a statement welcoming Dr. West into the race:

* Several former leaders of the SF Green Party, Barbary Blong and
  Betty Traynor, have organized a Zoom talk on 'PFAS: What you need to
  know about "forever chemicals" to protect your family' for this
  Tuesday.  If you want to attend, you must email for registration;
  see more details in the announcement below.

* Greens who are involved with KPFA are asking us for help in allowing
  them to continue to report on the Green Party, so the station does
  not turn even further into an arm of the Biden re-election campaign.
  If you want to vote in KPFA elections (where we often endorse
  candidates), you must have donated at least $25 since July 1 of last
  year.  You can still donate before June 30 of this year at kpfa.org.


What:  Green Party monthly members' meeting
Where:  Redstone Bldg (2940 16th Street, near South Van Ness) #301, SF
When:  Wed, June 25, 7-9 pm


Introductions - 5 min
Upcoming tabling - July 4 and other - 20 min
Engardio-Breed legislation attacking environmental review - 15 min
Discussion of Cornel West campaign - 1 hour

Every 4th Wednesday the SF Green Party meets to discuss issues of
concern, listen to interesting speakers, endorse events, plan outreach
and more!  Everyone welcome.  All meetings are wheelchair accessible.
To make a presentation or gain the SFGP endorsement of events and
issues, please contact our SFGP County Council at: cc at sfgreens.org

Mask policy: Masks are currently optional indoors, for both vaccinated
and non-vaccinated people.  We provide the option for SF Green Party
members and invited candidates to participate in our meetings via
Zoom, so email cc at sfgreens.org for info on how you can join us


What: Talk on PFAS: What you need to know about "forever chemicals" to
      protect your family
Where:  Zoom, register by emailing btraynor at att.net
When: Tues, June 27, 6 pm

Register for this free program by emailing btraynor at att.net and the
zoom link will be sent to you. Please include your name.

Per and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, have been in the news this
last year and with good reason.  These toxic chemicals in the most
minute amounts, are bioaccumulative, persistent, and nondegradable,
traveling easily through air, water, and soil.  They are everywhere on
the planet and in almost everything, including us.  This zoom
presentation will provide you with the research tools to find out
about PFAS in California and the San Francisco Bay area; the laws that
can protect you (or lack thereof); and ways to protect yourself, your
family, and future generations from these toxins.


What:  Voter outreach at the SF Mime Troupe's "home opening" show
Where:  Dolores Park, meet by entrance at Church and 18th St
When:  Tues, July 4, 1 pm - 4 pm

We'll be doing voter outreach at the Mime Troupe's opening show in
Dolores Park on Tues, July 4.  Their play this year is called
"Breakdown."  https://www.sfmt.org/

The play will start at 2 pm, with music at 1:30.  Volunteers are
needed to help us set up our table and do voter outreach starting at 1
pm.  Help us register new Greens and find people willing to help win
Medicare for All; email if you can help out: cc at sfgreens.org.


To submit events for our newsletter, please email a short blurb to
news at sfgreens.org.  Messages to a mailing list will be rejected.

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