[SFGP Action] RSVP re: Saturday Meeting !!

Charles Kalish chkalish at ix.netcom.com
Tue Nov 15 21:43:54 PST 2005

RSVP .. if you will be attending:  Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian
Breakfast Snacks at 9:30
Meeting Starts at 10:00   
Be On Time!  
We have a lot of work to accomplish in a relatively short amount of time

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Subject: RE: Future of SF Green party - November 19

I think that is precisely why Charles originally intended this meeting
for a small group, with only the most committed activists.

- Ray

At 02:49 PM 11/13/2005 , funking at mindspring.com wrote: 

Charles,thank you.
I would ask that in the future you post a draft announcement to folks to
vet before sending it out.
I found your message to be overly negative, and for folks who are not as
invested in our work, they may get the wrong idea about how we are
organized. Getting new folks motivated to work with an apparent lost
cause is a hard sell.

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Subject: RE: Future of SF Green party - November 19 

Many on the list have asked that we open this meeting up to the entire
stafflist - and beyond.  As a result, I've sent out an invitation.
I also urge all of the Working Group chairs to forward the invitation to
the members of their working groups.
This meeting applies to all of us who want to take the product of our
work to an entirely new level.

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