[SFGP Action] Demand Environmental Justice in Bay View Today at City Hall

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Tue Jul 31 08:16:34 PDT 2007

Join hundreds of Bay View residents and environmental justice advocates
in calling for a halt to the construction at the Hunters Point Shipyard
and ending the exposure of residents to asbestos and other toxic elements.

Tuesday, July 31 at 3 PM
Board of Supervisors Meeting
City Hall -- Room 250

Supervisor Chris Daly is introducing the legislation, which is posted
below.  Please come to testify at the meeting, and demand environment
justice for all of San Francisco!

[Temporarily Halting Construction at the Hunters Point Shipyard]

Resolution urging the Department of Public of Health and Lennar
Corporation to temporarily halt construction at the Hunters Point
Shipyard and to contract with an independent entity to conduct a health
assessment of the residents of Bay View Hunters Point.

Whereas, Pursuant to Environmental Code Section 101 of the City and
County of San Francisco, all officers, boards, commissions and
departments shall implement the Precautionary Principle in conducting
the City and County affairs; and

WHEREAS, the Precautionary Principle requires public servants to take
anticipatory action to prevent harm and through exploration and careful
analysis select courses of action that present the least threat to all;

WHEREAS, The Hunters Point Shipyard redevelopment undertaken by the
Lennar Corporation has raised broad community concern regarding the
negative effects of toxic contaminants and asbestos exposure to the
residents of Bay View Hunters Point; and

WHEREAS, An April 2000 environmental impact report on shipyard reuse
raised that there are asbestos-containing serpentinite rock at the
Hunters Point Shipyard and that construction-related excavation
activities could cause chrysotile asbestos associated with serpentinite
to become airborne thus affecting public health and safety; and,

WHEREAS, DPH  has issued three Notices of Violations to Lennar  for not
following their own dust mitigation plan and for problems in monitoring
airborne asbestos; and,

WHEREAS, Since the beginning of construction at the Hunters Point
Shipyard, there has been a progressive increase in reports of nose
bleeds and hospitalization due to asthma attacks; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the Board of Supervisors urge the Department of Public
Health (DPH) to contract with an independent entity to do a health
assessment testing for toxic exposure of residents living in proximity
to the Hunters Point Shipyard; and,

RESOLVED, The Board of Supervisors urge DPH to exercise it's power
under Article 31 of the Health Code to shut down construction
activities temporarily until the effects of this exposure can be
accurately assessed.

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