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Hello Fellow Greens,

In this update:
1. News
2. GPCA Poll
3. Events

Beyondchron.org recently published a profile of Ross Mirkarimi, candidate for 
District 5 Supervisor. The article is available at our web site, 
www.sfgreenparty.org. Beyondchron has previously profiled Green candidates for Supervisor 
Renee Saucedo and Lisa Feldstein.

Renee Saucedo wrote an article for SanFranciscoSentinel.com, which also 
covered Renee's endorsement by Matt Gonzalez. Our own Kim Knox also continues to 
publish regular articles in the Sentinel.

The San Francisco Chronicle also did a story on Matt's endorsement of Renee. 
Read it at our web site www.sfgreenparty.org.

The Feminist Issues Group (FIG) will not be meeting in July or August. 
Congratulations to FIG Co-Chair Maureen DeBoer on her baby girl, Brooke Liberty 
DeBoer Peters.

Across the state, many county organizations and individual Greens have 
expressed an intention to work for the independent presidential campaign of Ralph 
Nader and Peter Camejo. This proposal is to endorse the Nader/Camejo campaign 
and it's signature gathering efforts to place these candidates on an independent 
ballot line in California. The proposal is made in the interest of unity 
within the California Green Party, and to allow both the Cobb/LaMarche and 
Nader/Camejo campaigns
to go forward under the Green Party umbrella, assuring that volunteers for 
both campaigns work within the Green Party and help us build electoral volunteer 
infrastructure for future Green Party campaigns.

Regardless of the results of this poll, the GPCA will place David Cobb on the 
Green Party ballot in California in accordance with his nomination at the 
GPUS convention in Milwaukee last month. Counties are only being asked whether or 
not the GPCA should also endorse the Nader/Camejo campaign and it's efforts 
to gain an independent ballot line in California. Counties are free at any time 
to act on their own to make this same endorsement on a county level; The GPCA 
is conducting this poll to measure support for this endorsement statewide.

"The GPCA will both place David Cobb on the California Green Party ballot 
line pursuant to the Milwaukee convention, and endorse the signature-gathering 
and campaign of the Green Party's Peter Camejo and independent Presidential 
candidate Ralph Nader. Nothing in this decision abrogates any county's right to 
endorse individually as it sees fit."

Process & Timeline

For San Francisco Greens only, send your opinion/vote to John-Marc Chandonia, 
jmc at sfgreens.org. Polling will begin immediately and end at 10:00 p.m. 
Sunday, July 18. 

Monday, July 12
The Campaigns and Issues Working Group will meet and finish developing 
questionnaires for school board and community college board candidates. Candidates 
for City Attorney and Treasurer are also being recruited, offices that will be 
up for election in 2005. Suggestions are welcome. This working group is also 
interested in hearing from potential co-chairs. The meeting will be held at 
7:30 PM at the SFGP office at 1028 A Howard Street, between 6th and 7th Streets 
in San Francisco.

Wednesday, July 14
SFGP County Council Meeting
Meeting begins at 7:30 PM and will be held at the SFGP office. Agenda will 
include setting timeline and process for Fall endorsements of candidates and 
initiatives, San Francisco coverage on the GPCA Coordinating Committee, review 
current San Francisco policy regarding endorsement of non-green presidential 
candidates, set agenda for General Meeting, choose facilitators, time keepers, 

Thursday, July 15
Join us at 9 AM in front of Superior Court, 400 McAllister (at Polk) for a 
rally and press conference in support of Terry Baum's lawsuit to get all her 
write-in votes counted, so she can be on the ballot as Green Candidate for 
Congress in CD 8! And then, at long last, the HEARING before the Judge at 9:30 AM in 
Room 302. Please come out to support Terry as she FINALLY gets her day in 
court! Terry is the Green Party candidate set to challenge incumbent House 
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in the 8th Congressional District. Terry is still 
fighting to get on the ballot. For more information, visit www.terrybaum.com.

Friday, July 16
Women for Renee Saucedo Fundraiser!
Join Eleazar Aramburo of La Raza Lawyers Association, television reporter 
Lupita Figueiredo, and other community leaders for this event to honor Renee 
Saucedo, Green Party candidate for Supervisor in District 9. Attendees will enjoy 
a meet and greet with refreshments, an auction and more! The event begins at 6 
PM, and is being held at Back to the Picture Latino Art Gallery, located at 
934 Valencia, between 20th Street and Liberty. For more information visit 

Friday, July 16
Terry Baum, Green Party candidate for Congressional District 8, invites 
everyone to a party for her that will be held from 6 - 8 PM at Diamond Corner Cafe, 
corner of Diamond & 24th Street in Noe Valley. Hear Terry speak, and meet the 
neighborhood folks. www.terrybaum.com

Saturday, July 17
Join the Renee Saucedo for District 9 Supervisor campaign for precinct walks 
at 10 AM at 522 Valencia Street between 16th and 17th Streets. Talking 
face-to-face with residents in their homes is the most effective way of getting 
people to sign the candidacy petition, to register to vote and to fill out the mail 
ballot application. We have pastries and coffee in the morning and lunch when 
we finish at 2 PM. www.reneesaucedo.com

Saturday, July 17, 
Terry Baum, Green Party candidate for Congressional District 8 , invites 
everyone to a party for her that will be held from 3 - 6 PM at the Bird and Becket 
Bookstore in Glen Park, located at Diamond and Chenery Streets. Hear Terry
speak, and meet the neighborhood folks. www.terrybaum.com

Tuesday, July 20
Mixed Greens meeting will be held at 6 PM at 480 Bartlett Street @ 26th 

Wednesday, July 21
SFGP General Meeting
Meeting will be held at 7:30 PM at the SFGP office. Agenda to be announced.

July 23, 24, and 25
The Annual Northern California Green Campout
All Greens are invited to join us for our annual social gathering in the Sly 
Park Recreation Area, Pollock Pines, California (up hwy 50 in El Dorado 
County). You can join us for all three days or any portion thereof. No reservations 
needed. Arrive at main gate, and tell them you're with the Green Party at 
Dogwood camp. This is a large campsite at the back of a large lake (9.5 miles 
around). The campsite is in a tall pine forest at 4000 feet elevation, and is 
bordered on the back by only the El Dorado National Forest.
Activities include swimming, hiking, boating/canoeing-BYO boat or canoe, and 
a voluntary fireside joke-fest.
Sound like fun? For more information, send a request to Erikasf at aol.com with 
"Green Campout" in the subject line, and you will be sent the full detailed 

Saturday, July 31 - Green Campaign Training in Los Angeles from 10 AM to 4 PM 
at Loyola Law School, 919 South Albany Street in Los Angeles. 

Thanks to all of our members for your continued support!

Warm Regards,
Erika McDonald
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