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Hello Fellow Greens,
In this update: 
SF Politics did an interview with Green Party member and Supervisor Ross 
Ross is busy pursuing a 'Marshall Plan' to stem the tide of violence in 
District 5.  
Ross is also developing plans to regulate pot clubs in San Francisco.
Green Party member Pat Driscoll, who is running in a special election to 
replace the late Rep. Matsui in Sacramento, has been getting some good press 
Green Party County Council member Marc Salomon wrote about the Ethics 
Commission in BeyondChron.org.
Green Party candidate for Oakland City Council Aimee Allison has been 
profiled in the Oakland Tribune.
The Berkeley Daily Planet has published an editorial about the Green Party, 
"Steady but quiet, Greens…"
KQED-FM's Forum program hosted special guest Green Party leader Wangari 
Maathai, who recently won the Nobel Peace Prize. 
For a trip down memory lane, check out the California Report, a radio segment 
that airs on California NPR affiliates.  They did a story on the 2003 Mayor's 
Race in San Francisco, focusing on the Democrat vs. Green sub text.  
WHAT: Green Party candidate for Oakland City Council Aimee Allison debates 
her fellow candidates
WHEN: Friday, March 4 at 6 PM 
WHERE: Oakland City Hall Hearing Room 1
DESCRIPTION: Aimee Allison is a Green who is running for Oakland City 
Council.  For more information, please call the campaign hotline 510-594-7772 or 
visit http://www.AimeeAllison.org.
WHAT: Press Conference in protest of gun show adjacent to crime-ridden 
WHEN: Saturday, March 5 at 11 AM
WHERE: 2145 Santo at Geneva (directly across from the Cow Palace)
DESCRIPTION: The Community Leadership Academy and Emergency Response Program 
(C.L.A.E.R.) and Brothers Against Guns host a press conference denouncing the 
sighting of a gun show adjacent to the crime-ridden neighborhood of Visitacion 
Valley.  The San Francisco Green Party has signed on as an endorser of the 
press conference.  Green Party member Dr. Paul Quick, among others, will be 
speaking.  Members of the community are welcome to attend this press conference.
WHAT: International Women's Day Global Women's Strike
WHEN: Tuesday, March 8 at 3 PM 
WHERE: Gather at San Francisco City Hall
DESCRIPTION:  Come and support payment for caring work including the justice 
work of mothers, daughters, partners; pay equity; implementation of City 
resolution prioritizing the protection of sex workers over prosecution and jail; 
shutting down Bechtel; refusing the military as an alternative to prison or 
destitution.  March to San Francisco City Jail for a rally at 4 PM.  Speak out and 
make noise against the criminalization of survival: locking up women for 
crimes of poverty where they lose child custody; rape and other torture in jails 
and prisons, prison sweat shop labor; unfair trials and uncaring lawyers; the 
death penalty; the use of ‘nuisance’ laws to arrest those who work and survive 
on the street, sex workers, homeless people, youth; ticketing and fines with 
no recourse to justice.
WHAT: San Francisco Green Party County Council Meeting
WHEN: Wednesday, March 9 from 7 – 9 PM
WHERE: San Francisco Green Party office, located at 1028 A Howard Street, 
between 6th and 7th Streets
DESCRIPTION:  This is our official monthly County Council meeting for the San 
Francisco Green Party.  The County Council will be setting the agenda for the 
General Meeting the following week, as is standard procedure.  Anyone wishing 
to put an item on the General Meeting agenda is encouraged to attend this 
WHAT: San Francisco Green Party Office Working Group meeting 
WHEN Wednesday March 9, 6 PM sharp! 
WHERE: San Francisco Green Party office, located at 1028 A Howard Street, 
between 6th and 7th Streets
DESCRIPTION: This meeting will precede the County Council meeting.  The 
agenda will focus on office rearrangement, decoration, cleaning, and computer 
networking training and access.  For more information or if you have ideas about 
the office, please contact Dave Snyder at dave at livablecity.org.
WHAT: Meeting to discuss "Local Control" (tax/revenue) issues
WHEN: Sunday, March 13 at 7 PM
WHERE: Atlas Cafe, located at 20th Street and Alabama.  
DESCRIPTION: Everyone who is interested in joining or has an opinion or tho
ughts to share is encouraged to attend this meeting of a newly forming working 
group.  For more information, contact Vicki at vleidner at rcn.com. 
WHAT: Campaigns and Issues Working Group Meeting
WHEN: Monday, March 14 from 7 – 9 PM
WHERE: San Francisco Green Party office, located at 1028 A Howard Street, 
between 6th and 7th Streets
DESCRIPTION: There will be a discussion of our work plan for the year and 
proposals for the political strategy for the party.
WHAT: San Francisco Green Party General Membership meeting
WHEN: Wednesday, March 16 from 7:30 - 9:30 PM
WHERE: San Francisco Green Party office, located at 1028 A Howard Street, 
between 6th and 7th Streets
DESCRIPTION:  This is the San Francisco Green Party's monthly meeting.  All 
members are welcome.  Please send suggested agenda items to 
funking at mindspring.com. We request a written proposal in advance of the County Council meeting on 
March 9 for decision items.

WHAT: Panel with women Green Party members who have run for office
WHEN: Monday, March 21 at 6:30 PM
WHERE: San Francisco Green Party Office, located at 1028 A Howard Street, 
between 6th and 7th Streets 
DESCRIPTION:  Join us for refreshments and a panel discussion on women 
running for elected office.  Sarah Lipson has been confirmed as moderator, and the 
panelists are Susan King, Lisa Feldstein, Renee Saucedo and Jane Kim. 
Thanks to all of our members for your continued support!
Warm Regards,
Erika McDonald
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