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Hello Fellow Greens,
Don't forget to join us for our General Meeting on Wednesday, March 16.  See 
the detailed agenda in Calendar below.  We also need volunteers for the 
upcoming anti-war march on Saturday, March 19.  If you can help, contact Mark Barnes 
at mbarn2002 at yahoo.com.  We are also planning a contingent for the Cesar 
Chavez parade on April 3. 
In this update:
Three Green Party members in California competed in special elections on 
March 8.  Though none were victorious, they all ran strong campaigns.  Victor 
Gonzalez ran for Pasadena City Council, Greg Allen ran for Arcata City Council, 
and Pat Driscoll ran in a special election for the 5th Congressional District.
Across the Bay, Green Party member Aimee Allison is running an exciting 
campaign for Oakland City Council.  Aimee is scheduled to speaking at an anti-war 
teach in to be held in San Francisco on March 24th.  See Calendar below for 
details.  The San Francisco Green Party will be considering an official 
endorsement of Aimee at our March 16 General Meeting.  To learn more about Aimee's 
campaign or to volunteer, call 510-594-7772 or visit http://www.aimeeallison.org.
It appears that our 2003 Mayoral candidate Matt Gonzalez is opening his new 
law practice this month.  His partner is Whitney Leigh, old law school buddy of 
Matt, Green Party member and former candidate for school board.  
The San Francisco Green Party will be featured, along with many other local 
organizations, in TCB-Café Publishing's new book: "SAN FRANCISCO SOCIAL: A 
Guide to Fascinating, Exciting or Prestigious Organizations, Clubs and 
Associations".  You can now see a PDF sample of selected pages from the upcoming 
Green Party County Council member Kim Knox continues to write for SFCall. 
Is that Mayor Gavin Newsom signing a "Matt-for-Mayor" t-shirt?
Supervisor Chris Daly has started a blog, in which he criticizes the San 
Francisco Chronicle.  
The newspaper bites back in a recent article. 
San Francisco Examiner ace political reporter Adriel Hampton takes a job with 
the city.
Check out the latest news releases from the Green Party of California Media 
Committee at http://www.cagreens.org.
WHAT: Meeting to discuss "Local Control" (tax/revenue) issues
WHEN: Sunday, March 13 at 3 PM (PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE!)
WHERE: Atlas Cafe, located at 20th Street and Alabama.  
DESCRIPTION: Everyone who is interested in joining or has an opinion or 
thoughts to share is encouraged to attend this meeting of a newly forming working 
group.  For more information, contact Vicki Leidner, vleidner at rcn.com. 
WHAT: Campaigns and Issues Working Group Meeting
WHEN: Monday, March 14 from 7 – 9 PM
WHERE: San Francisco Green Party office, located at 1028 A Howard Street, 
between 6th and 7th Streets
DESCRIPTION: There will be a discussion of our work plan for the year and 
proposals for the political strategy for the party.
WHAT: San Francisco Green Party General Membership meeting
WHEN: Wednesday, March 16 from 7:30 - 9:30 PM
WHERE: San Francisco Green Party office, located at 1028 A Howard Street, 
between 6th and 7th Streets
DESCRIPTION:  This is the San Francisco Green Party's monthly meeting.  All 
members are welcome.  The agenda is below.
I. Introductions and accreditation of members not listed by the County
        Council (20 minutes)
II. Endorsing Aimee Allison for Oakland City Council (25 minutes)   
    Presented by Susan King and several people from her campaign.
III. Proposal: Working Groups must meet in a public space (15
        minutes) Presented by Kim Knox
IV. Proposal: De-certify Mixed Greens for failure to fulfill their
        mission. The County Council has received the following
        complaints from people of color: the group is hostile to them;
        lack of outreach to minorities other than Latino; specific
        complaints include publishing charges of racism against
        African-American activists; publicly slandering a Latina Green
        Candidate; and damaging the Green Party by working against most
        of our candidates and issues to further the political aims of a
        few of the members. It is the view of the County Council that
        this group is not advancing the cause of Greens of Color, not
        providing a safe meeting place for Greens of Color, and not
        advancing the Green Party in communities of color. The County
        Council has seen no avenues of redress that any of the parties
        are interested in exploring, so we reluctantly feel we must
        recommend disbanding the Mixed Greens as they are impeding the
        key value of diversity. (45 minutes) Presenter is to be announced.
V. Working Group Reports (10 minutes)
VI. Announcements (5 minutes)
WHAT: Global Day of Action - No to War & Occupation
WHEN: March 19, 11 AM
WHERE: Begin at Dolores Park and march to Civic Center
DESCRIPTION:  March to say No to War & Occupation — Iraq, Palestine, Haiti, 
Afghanistan, Cuba & Everywhere!  Bring the Troops Home Now!  Money for People's 
Needs, Not War!  For more information, visit 

WHAT: Panel with women Green Party members who have run for office
WHEN: Monday, March 21 at 6:30 PM
WHERE: San Francisco Green Party Office, located at 1028 A Howard Street, 
between 6th and 7th Streets 
DESCRIPTION:  Join us for refreshments and a panel discussion on women 
running for elected office.  Sarah Lipson has been confirmed as moderator, and the 
panelists are Susan King, Lisa Feldstein, Renee Saucedo and Jane Kim. 
WHAT: Evict PG&E from Hunter's Point.  Shut down PG&E's Hunter's Point Power 
Plant Now!  Join this community protest for environmental justice!
WHEN: Wednesday, March 23 at 12 Noon
WHERE: PG&E Corporate Headquarters, located at 77 Beale Street near Market 
DESCRIPTION:  Sponsored by the Coalition to Shut Down the PG&E Hunters Point 
Power Plant, Huntersview Tenants Association, All Hallows Garden Residents 
Association, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, Code Blue, and the 
Community First Coalition.  For more information, contact Greenaction at 
415-248-5010 or visit http://www.greenaction.org/.
WHAT:  Community Meeting on Living Wage and Health Care with Sophie Maxwell, 
District 10 Supervisor
WHEN: Thursday, March 24, 6 - 8 PM
WHERE:  Crocker Amazon Club, located at 785 Moscow Street at Italy Street, 
two blocks northeast of Geneva and Moscow
DESCRIPTION:  The Living Wage Coalition is holding an education and 
information session about the Living Wage laws - the Minimum Compensation Ordinance and 
the Health Care Accountability Ordinance - and the new Minimum Wage Ordinance 
and about how the laws can be improved and expanded to include more workers.  
Sophie Maxwell confirmed she would attend.  Gerardo Sandoval was invited but 
declined to attend.  Please contact his office at 415-554-6975 or 
Gerardo.Sandoval at sfgov.org and let him know that you care about a living wage and would 
like him to attend this meeting.  For more information, contact the Living Wage 
Coalition at 415-863-5543 or sflivingwage at hotmail.com

WHAT: On the 40th Anniversary of the first teach-ins on the Vietnam War, 
WHEN: Thursday, March 24 at 7 PM
WHERE:  Mission High School, 3750 18th Street (at Dolores) in San Francisco
DESCRIPTION:  Two years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the country 
continues to bleed and suffer. The death toll soars on all sides and especially among
civilians. The cost of the war mounts daily and vital services are cut at
home. But many questions remain: Did the January 2005 elections improve the
situation in Iraq? Is the US troop presence in Iraq helping stabilize the
country, or is it at the root of Iraq's deadly violence? And what are the
true costs of the war at home ­ its impact on military families and
returning veterans, its $200+ annual billion price tag, and the looting of
our economy by militarist corporations?
Join people throughout the country as we consider these issues and others at
teach-ins in San Francisco, Washington, DC, and Ann Arbor, marking the 40th
anniversary of the first Vietnam War teach-in in 1965.
Featured Speakers include:
Rahul Mahajan, Anti-war Activist and Author of Full Spectrum Dominance:
U.S. Power in Iraq and Beyond:
Cindy Sheehan, mother of fallen Iraq war soldier, Co-Founder of Gold Star
Parents for Peace, and member of Military Families Speak Out
Fernando Suarez, father of fallen Iraq war soldier, Founder of Guerrero
Azteca Project and member of Gold Star Parents for Peace
Aimee Allison, Gulf War conscientious objector, counter recruiter, and
Oakland City Council candidate
Howard Wallace, San Francisco Labor Council, National Board of Pride at
Work, and Steering Committee of US Labor Against the War
Sean O'Neil, US Veteran of the Iraq War and purple-heart recipient
Medea Benjamin, Co-Founder of Global Exchange and CODEPINK: Women for Peace
Sponsored By Global Exchange & CODEPINK: Women for Peace
$5 requested donation; Free for students; No one turned away for lack of
funds.  For more information:  http://www.globalexchange.org or call (415) 

WHAT: Election Reform Workshop - The No Confidence Movement
WHEN: Friday, March 25 at 7:30 PM
WHERE: SF Green Party office, located at 1028 A Howard Street, between 6th 
and 7th Streets in San Francisco.
DESCRIPTION:  Come and hear about the No Confidence Resolution.  Read it at
http://guvwurld.blogspot.com/2004/11/no-confidence-resolution.html.  This
resolution says we have no basis for confidence in the legitimacy of US
federal elections.  This resolution is pending before the Arcata City 
Council.  Pressing it in Eureka has led two City Council members to co-sponsor a town 
hall forum on
election reform.  It is time that SF and Berkeley take a look.  

WHAT: Cesar E. Chavez Holiday Parade and Festival
WHEN: Sunday, April 3, parade assembles at 11 AM
WHERE: Justin Herman Plaza, at the foot of Market Street
DESCRIPTION: Join thousands from labor unions, community organizations, 
religious congregations and schools in commemorating the birthday of Cesar E. 
Chavez, the co-founder of the United Farm Workers.  This is the fifth anniversary 
of the state holiday.  For more information, contact 415-552-2911 or email 
CECparade at yahoo.com
Thanks to all of our members for your continued support!
Warm Regards,
Erika McDonald
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