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SF GREEN PARTY WEEKLY 8/11/06-8/16/06

- Green Party Candidate from Delaware Michael Berg Visits the Bay  
Area (http://www.sfgreenparty.org/news/newsitem-start.gem?idx=1515)
- Green Party Calls for Immediate Cease-fire and Issues a Statement  
Addressing the Crisis in Israel and Lebanon (http:// 
- Greens Respond to Democrats' Slurs Against Pennsylvania Candidate  
This week:
- 8/9: Ceremony and Nonviolent Action at Bechtel Headquarters
Next week:
- 8/18: Jane Kim for School Board Campaign Kick-Off
Save the date:
- 8/23: Krissy Keefer at the Bazaar
- 9/10: Park Naming Ceremony, Memorial Service for Hayes Valley  
Activist Patricia Walkup
- 9/10: Ready! Set! Go! Krissy Keefer Kicks Off Congressional Race

- Car-Free Talk with Green Party Activist Sue Vaughan
- Counter the Right-Wing "Walk for Life!"

- Discuss Instant Runoff Voting in Green Party Activist Jim  
Dorenkott's Blog (http://www.dailykos.com/user/jim%20d)
- Take Action!
- Earn A Living Making San Francisco A More Green and Progressive City!
- Support the San Francisco Green Party by Becoming a Sustainer

- Stephen Colbert Rips Today Show, Good Morning America (http:// 



8/9: Ceremony and Nonviolent Action at Bechtel Headquarters

Wednesday, August 9, 2006
10:00 AM

Bechtel Corporate Headquarters, 50 Beale St, San Francisco, CA
Half a block from Embarcadero BART

Join us for a morning of protest and a ceremony led by Western  
Shoshone spiritual leader Corbin Harney at Bechtel’s Corporate  
Headquarters. Bechtel is one of the top profiteers of the war in  
Iraq, manages nearly every aspect of the nuclear weapons cycle, and  
is known by communities worldwide for its habitual violations of  
indigenous and human rights.

The anniversary of the U.S. bombing of Nagasaki, August 9, is also  
the UN declared International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.  
Since their earliest stages, nuclear weapons and the people who  
profit from them have caused untold suffering to indigenous peoples  
around the world. Come and act with us to voice our support for the  
sovereignty and dignity of indigenous peoples and call for an end to  
nuclear weapons and war!


8/18: Jane Kim for School Board Campaign Kick-Off

Friday, August 18, 2006
6:00PM - 8:30PM

BOCA (Bar of Contemporary Art), 414 Jessie Street @ 5th, San  
Francisco, CA

Get involved in getting Jane Kim on the school board.


8/23: Krissy Keefer at the Bazaar

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bazaar Cafe, 5927 California Street, between 21st and 22nd avenues,  
San Francisco, CA

Free but a donation to Krissy's campaign is suggested.

Congressional candidate Krissy Keefer, former congressional candidate  
Terry Baum with performer/musician Scrumbly Koldewyn, and singer/ 
songwriter Austin Willacy and more, rock the Bazaar Cafe.


9/10: Park Naming Ceremony, Memorial Service for Hayes Valley  
Activist Patricia Walkup

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hayes Green Park, Hayes and Octavia, San Francisco, CA

The late Patricia Walkup, who passed away in June, was a tireless  
advocate for Hayes Valley. She played a big part in changing Hayes  
Valley from a crime-ridden urban blight to the delightful urban area  
it is today. Her vision, drive and persistence - despite many  
daunting setbacks, which she overcame - will not be forgotten.

At this memorial service, organized by friends of Patricia Walkup,  
the City of San Francisco will officially name the Hayes Green Park  
for her. This park has not been officially named since it opened in  
the fall of 2005.

There will also be a mariachi band; in honor of Patricia Walkup's  
love of the music, a Zen ceremony led by folks from the Zen Center on  
Page Street, and refreshments donated by Hayes Valley cafes and  


9/10: Ready! Set! Go! Krissy Keefer Kicks Off Congressional Race

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Medjool, 2522 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

Contact krissyforcongress at yahoo.com or call (415) 835-4748.

Hosted by Taiko drummers, Debbie Kajiyama, Jose Navarette, Amara  
Tabor Smith, Ramon Alayo, Afro Cuban Modern Word.



Car-Free Talk with Green Party Activist Sue Vaughan

Keep an eye out for "Car-Free Talk" on San Francisco's public access  
tv station,
Channel 29.  In the next show, David Fridley, staff scientist at  
Lawrence Berkeley and member
of San Francisco Oil Awareness, discusses the myth of biofuels.

Date and time to be announced.


Counter the Right-Wing "Walk for Life!"

Come to a Community Meeting to discuss how we will counter the Right  
Wing "Walk for Life" coming to SF in January 2007. Please bring  
yourself and your ideas to participate in building a forceful  

Date and location to be announced.

Please email the Bay Area Coalition for Reproductive Rigths at  
bacorrinfo at riseup.net for more information or call 415-864-1278.



Take Action!

Find out about opportunities to help our elected Greens (writing  
letters, attending hearings, etc) -- subscribe to the SF Green Party  
Action list! The Action list is a low-traffic list (approximately one  
message per week in addition to our newsletter) telling you what you  
can do to help:  https://list.sfgreens.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/ 


Earn A Living Making San Francisco A More Green and Progressive City!

Two years ago, former organizers for the Matt Gonzalez for Mayor
campaign decided it was time to stop getting 'close but not close
enough' to progressive victories like public power and Matt as Mayor,
and to begin a city wide, year round, grassroots campaign that would  
start helping us win such victories!

So in January 2004, the organization Our City was born. Since then we
have helped to:

- Pass the ban on old polluting diesel buses
- Pass Matt Gonzalez's anti chain store law
- Get the downtown hotel workers back on the job, and
- Get the Police and Planning Commissions put back on SF Government TV
after the City tried to pull them off.

Now we are campaigning to get rid of PG&E's monopoly on our electricity
service, and start running the City on renewable energy like solar and
wind power instead!

We have just begun hiring and training new grassroots campaigners to
help us win this fight.
No experience necessary.
Earn $280 to $400 each four day work week learning to be a strong
progressive organizer.
To apply, call Eric at 415-756-8844 from noon to 2pm any weekday, or
send an email to jobs at our-city.org

For more information, see our web site at http://our-city.org


Support the San Francisco Green Party by Becoming a Sustainer

The San Francisco Green Party needs donations for rent on the office,  
mailings, signs, and many other expenditures in order to wage  
effective political campaigns.

We are especially interested in building up our base of "sustaining  
members," those who agree to contribute a certain amount each month  
by credit card. By becoming a sustaining member you save us money and  
time that we can then devote to our political work. It is a method of  
donation that is perfect for a grassroots organization like the Green  
Party as it allows us to thrive off of many, many small and medium  
size donations instead of depending on a few large donors.

For more information, please visit the MAKE A DONATION page on the  
website at http://www.sfgreenparty.org/makeadonation/makeadonation.html

For questions about the sustaining member program contact  
treasurer at sfgreens.org

To make a one-time donation by mail please send a check made out to  
“The San Francisco Green Party” to:

San Francisco Green Party
1028A Howard St.
San Francisco, CA 94103


For more info on our activities, please see our website,
http://www.sfgreenparty.org. You can also email us questions at
info at sfgreens.org.  To send us news items (short blurb please, plain
text only) for possible inclusion in the newsletter, email
news at sfgreens.org.  Please don't put these addresses on mailing lists;
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