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Tue May 23 23:33:19 PDT 2006

SF GREEN PARTY WEEKLY 5/26/06-6/1/06

  - 5/10: Louisiana And California Committees Pass Bill For Nationwide 
Election Of The President 
  - 5/12: A Democrat-Controlled House Wouldn't Impeach, Pelosi Says 
  - 5/12: Wacky Doodle Politics and Common Sense: Where does the Green 
Party fit in? 
  - 5/18: Granting Immigrants the Right to Vote 
  - 5/23: A New Populist Uprising, by David Cobb 

This week:
  - 5/24: Sing Out for a Living Wage, Cantando para un Salario Digno
  - 5/24: Something Fun at the Green Party Forum!!! Join the medley of 
politics and performance
  - 5/30: Madonna Thunder Hawk, Lakota Elder
Save the date:
  - 6/6: Housing and Land Use Working Group meeting
  - 6/6: Victory Party for Aimee Allison!
  - 6/16: "Let’s Put Harvey Milk Back in City Hall!" Supervisor Ross 
Mirkarimi Hosts Art Opening Celebrating SF LGBT Pride Month

  - Volunteer for Aimee Allison From Now to June 6; Victory is Possible!
  - Co-Chair Needed for GROW Working Group

  - Left Talk with Diamond Dave!
  - Discuss Instant Runoff Voting in Green Party Activist Jim 
Dorenkott's Blog (http://www.dailykos.com/user/jim%20d)
  - Take Action!
  - Earn A Living Making San Francisco A More Green and Progressive City!
  - Become a Green Party Sustainer!

  - Saturday Night Live: If Gore Were President 



5/24: Sing Out for a Living Wage, Cantando para un Salario Digno

Wednesday, May 24
Mi®¶rcoles, 24 de mayo
12:00 noon - 1:00PM

Civic Center side of City Hall, 1 Carlton B Goodlett Place, San 
Nos reuniremos en la Alcaldia en el lado del Civic Center
Lineas de MUNI #49 o 47 a McAllister o Grove, #5 o #21 a Van Ness Ave.

Call the Living Wage Coalition at:
Para mas informaci®Æn, llame al Living Wage Coalition a:
e-mail sflivingwage at riseup.net


Help raise wages for 15,000 home healthcare aides, non-profit workers, 
homeless shelter workers and CalWORKs parents

Please join us in singing outside the offices of Mayor Gavin Newsom and 
Board President Aaron Peskin to urge them to support the 
Ammiano/McGoldrick Amendments to the Living Wage Law

Ayude a aumentar el sueldo de 15,000 trabajadores Å0É2 empleados de 
hospicio, empleados de instituciones de no-lucro, CalWORKs madres en 
asistencia p®≤blica en transici®Æn de empleo

Por favor nos reuniremos cantar afuera la oficinas de Alcalde Gavin 
Newsom y Board President Aaron Peskin para exigir que apoyen las 
enmiendas Ammiano/McGoldrick para la ley de sueldos justos


5/24: Something Fun at the Green Party Forum!!!  Join the medley of 
politics and performance

Wednesday, May 24

Studio Z, 314 11th Street @ Folsom, San Francisco

(415) 252-7666

$5 to $500 Must be 21+, with ID No one turned away for lack of funds

Join the medley of politics and performance with:  Barry Hermanson 
(candidate for 12th Assembly district), Forrest Hill (candidate for 
Secretary of State), Ross Mirkarimi (Supervisor, District 5), Mehul 
Thakker (candidate for state treasurer), Medea Benjamin (Global 
Exchange), Laura Wells (candidate for state controller), Diamond Dave 
Whitaker (San Francisco icon of poetry and Greenism ...), Ubidube 
Whitaker (Rocker and son of icon ...), Mike Wyman (candidate for state 
Attorney General), Go Van Gogh (Indy rock band), Garrin Benfield (Indy 
soloist)  And more...(see 


5/30: Madonna Thunder Hawk, Lakota Elder

Tuesday, May 30

New College of San Francisco, Valencia Street (between 19th and 20th), 
San Francisco

BACORR at bacorr at riseup.net

Madonna is a veteran of every modern Native American struggle from the 
occupation of Alcatraz to the 1973 siege of Wounded Knee. She is also a 
long-time community organizer with a range of experience in American 
Indian rights protection, cultural preservation, economic development, 
environmental justice and Lakota social reclamation. Thunder Hawk 
helped organize the Black Hills Protection Committee (later the HeSapa 
Institute) whose goal is to protect the many sacred sites within the 
region’s treaty lands. Madonna will speak to ongoing efforts in South 
Dakota to secure women’s reproductive rights. Her work serves as an 
inspiring model for committed reproductive rights/justice activists in 
the aftermath of South Dakota’s disastrous decision to ban abortion and 
in the face of ongoing attacks on ourselves, our rights and our bodies.


6/6: Housing and Land Use Working Group meeting

Tuesday, June 6

San Francisco Green Party office, 1028 A Howard St (between 6th St. and 
7th St.), San Francisco

Tuesday's agenda includes:

Most of the evening will be spent working on the Housing platform for 
San Francisco, along with discussion of the Mayor Newsome's plan to add 
15,000 housing units in 5 years;

Currents Events and Legislation;

Any other topics you want to discuss;


Everyone welcomed, Green Party member or not.


6/6: Victory Party for Aimee Allison!

Tuesday, June 6
Starts 8:00PM

Oasis Bar and Restaurant in Downtown Oakland, 2101 Webster St, Oakland, 


A Better World Begins in Oakland!All volunteers, donors, and supporters 
are invited to this Election Night Party.

Aimee Allison, Green Party candidate for Oakland's City Council is 
proud to invite you to our victory party on June 6th. Thanks to the 
hard work of many dedicated activists from around the Bay, Aimee is 
poised for a grassroots victory this June. We hope that you join us in 
our final push to win this important race (see previous post) and then 
join us as we celebrate our hard work at our victory party.


6/16: "Let’s Put Harvey Milk Back in City Hall!" Supervisor Ross 
Mirkarimi Hosts Art Opening Celebrating SF LGBT Pride Month

Friday, June 16, 2006, 5-8 pm
Show runs through July 19, 2006

San Francisco City Hall, 1 Carlton B Goodlett, Room 282


This art party and show, hosted by Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, features 
Harvey Milk related photographs and memorabilia contributed by: the San 
Francisco Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Historical Society; 
San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum; and the Harvey Milk 
City Hall Memorial Committee (photographer Daniel Nicoletta, Nancy 
McNally, San Francisco artist and founder of the National AIDS Memorial 
Grove in Golden Gate Park, and Rick Hauptman.)

Harvey Milk, one of nation’s first openly gay elected officials in the 
nation, became a hero to the LGBT civil rights movement. He was 
assassinated at SF City Hall in 1978. To honor his achievements, the 
Harvey Milk City Hall Memorial Committee, a non-profit organization, 
was formed to commission a sculpture of Supervisor Harvey Milk to be 
placed in City Hall.

For more information, go to http://www.milkmemorial.org/.

Please join Supervisor Mirkarimi in celebrating SF LGBT Pride Month, 
and in taking another step toward putting Harvey Milk back in City 



Volunteer for Aimee Allison From Now to June 6; Victory is Possible!

We are down to the final two weeks of the June election season, and 
Aimee Allison is close to becoming the first Green Party member elected 
to Oakland's City Council.

Recent polling indicates that Aimee is running virtually neck-to-neck 
with her main opponent, incumbent Pat Kernighan, so we have a real shot 
at victory this June. In order to win, however, we need strong 
volunteer turnout these last two weeks of the campaign.

This means that we need every active Green to commit to working at 
least one volunteer shift between now and the final weekend of the 
campaign, and an additional few hours Sun, Mon, Tues, June 4-6 to help 
put us over the top.

We really need as many volunteers and as much presence as possible! 
Please take a look at the schedule below and contact the campaign to 
let us know when you are coming.

The campaign phone is 510-277-0182; we are located at 3208 Grand Ave 
next to the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland (car free and driving 
directions are at the end of this post).


WEEKDAY VISIBILITY: 7-9 am. We need at least one volunteer every 
morning to both accompany Aimee and work in volunteer teams to meet 
voters in high traffic pedestrian areas. We need volunteers for May 30, 
31, June 1,2, 5 and 6.

WEEKDAY VISIBILITY: 5-7 PM. Volunteers are needed to both accompany 
Aimee and work in volunteer teams at high visibility locations and to 
do sign waving and visibility at busy intersections. We need volunteers 
the following days: May 24, 25, 26 (Grand Lake Theater visibility on 
Friday night), 29, 30, 31, June 1, 4, 5 and 6.

WEEKDAY CALLING: 12-8:30 pm daily (Mon-Thurs). We are calling District 
2 voters to identify support and persuade undecided voters. Calling 
begins at 12 each day (to seniors) and continues until 8:30 each night. 
Callers are needed every day and evening. Meals and yummy snacks are 

WEEKEND MOBILIZATIONS: Beginning 10 am Saturday and 12:00 noon on 
Sundays. We will be phone banking and dispatching volunteers to lit 
drop and do visibility the last two weekends, May 27-29 (Memorial Day 
Weekend) and June 3-4 (Get Out The Vote Weekend). We need as many 
volunteers as possible all day on both weekends.

GOTV- Get Out The Vote: June 5-6. We will be doing GOTV activities the 
final weekend AND Monday and Tuesday, June 5 and 6th. We need 
volunteers who can commit to 6 hour shifts on Monday and Tuesday- 
election day- to help make sure our supporters make it to the polls. 
Please consider taking some time off work to help on either or both of 
these days if you can.

All volunteers, donors, and supporters are invited to the Election 
Night Party on June 6th at Oasis Bar and Restaurant in downtown Oakland 
beginning at 7pm at 2101 Webster St, Oakland, CA.


Call the campaign today to get involved to be a part of this important 
Green victory.


By Transit: BART to the 19th BART station. AC Transit bus #12 picks up 
at Grand Ave, and drops off at the Grand Lake Theater; the NL Bus picks 
up at Broadway and 20th and goes to Lake Park Ave, across the street 
from the Grand Lake Theater. (transit runs about every 30 minutes on 
each line on the weekends, go to http://www.actransit.org for the 

BART and biking/walking: BART to the 19th Street station. Walk/bike up 
20th Ave towards Lake Merritt, go left around the lake (look for the 
colorful Fairyland sign on the hill above the lake) and continue East 
around the lake on Grand Ave, past several blocks of storefronts and 
back along the lake until you see the Grand Lake Theater sign. The walk 
takes about 20-25 minutes and about 10 minutes by bike.

Driving: Take the 580 Fwy East to the Grand Ave/Lakeview St. exit. Turn 
Left on Grand Ave. Please try to carpool if you are driving. Parking is 
available on Grand Ave, under the freeway and in the parking lot off 
Grand Ave, meters are active Monday-Saturday, and is free on Sundays.


Co-Chair Needed for GROW Working Group

Micheas Herman of the GROW Working Group (tabling and voter 
registration) is seeking a new co-chair.  Contact Micheas Herman at ... 
or the County Council at cc at sfgreens.org for more information.



Left Talk with Diamond Dave!

Tune in to a round table discussion of progressive issues from the 
Green perspective (represented by Diamond Dave Whitaker) and the ISO 
perspective. 88.1 FM or 880 AM, every Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 
p.m. Hosted by Spencer the Speaker.


Take Action!

Find out about opportunities to help our elected Greens (writing 
letters, attending hearings, etc) -- subscribe to the SF Green Party 
Action list! The Action list is a low-traffic list (approximately one 
message per week in addition to our newsletter) telling you what you 
can do to help:  


Earn A Living Making San Francisco A More Green and Progressive City!

Two years ago, former organizers for the Matt Gonzalez for Mayor
campaign decided it was time to stop getting 'close but not close
enough' to progressive victories like public power and Matt as Mayor,
and to begin a city wide, year round, grassroots campaign that would 
start helping us win such victories!

So in January 2004, the organization Our City was born. Since then we
have helped to:

- Pass the ban on old polluting diesel buses
- Pass Matt Gonzalez's anti chain store law
- Get the downtown hotel workers back on the job, and
- Get the Police and Planning Commissions put back on SF Government TV
after the City tried to pull them off.

Now we are campaigning to get rid of PG&E's monopoly on our electricity
service, and start running the City on renewable energy like solar and
wind power instead!

We have just begun hiring and training new grassroots campaigners to
help us win this fight.
No experience necessary.
Earn $280 to $400 each four day work week learning to be a strong
progressive organizer.
To apply, call Eric at 415-756-8844 from noon to 2pm any weekday, or
send an email to jobs at our-city.org

For more information, see our web site at http://our-city.org


Become a Green Party Sustainer!

As you may know, the SFGP is supported by our wonderful sustaining 
donors -- 175 and growing.  In the next 12 months we hope to double 
that figure, and you can help us achieve our goal by signing up to make 
a regular contribution to the Green Party.

Our sustainer program nearly pays all of our basic monthly operating 
expenses, including rent and utilities on the office, and drastically
reduces the amount of work needed to raise money.  Our sustainers free 
us up to do what we're really here for - to pursue Green values through 
the democratic system. Sustainers also ensure that we are able to keep 
our office, which has hosted numerous campaigns' headquarters including 
the successful Prop A, Instant Runoff Voting initiative.

Becoming a Green Party sustainer is easy, fun, and secure!

For more information, see 


For more info on our activities, please see our website,
http://www.sfgreenparty.org. You can also email us questions at
info at sfgreens.org.  To send us news items (short blurb please, plain
text only) for possible inclusion in the newsletter, email
news at sfgreens.org.  Please don't put these addresses on mailing lists;
messages not specifically addressed to us won't go through.

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