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We've made our picks <http://www.sfgreenparty.org/campaigns/campaigns.psp>,
the campaigns are in full swing and approaching the final stages. Now it's
time to get involved in any number of worthy contests we've made
endorsements in.
*See all of our endorsements* with soon-to-be more detailed explanations of
our decisions, and highlighted races in our awesome new voter guide
and *contact
the campaigns which you're most inspired to help:*

Registered Greens who volunteer with us or otherwise work to further the
goals of the party are fully empowered to help make our decisions. If you
want to volunteer to distribute some of our printed voter guides, or help
with anything else, contact the County Council at: cc at sfgreens.org.

* CA Governor's Debate demonstration with Laura Wells*
* Today, October 12th*

There is a Gov. debate in October in Marin. Surprise, Laura is not being
invited. Most telling is that Laura was told she needed 10% in the polls
to be invited, but we have confirmed that none of the polls that were
conducted even offered her as an option. People were only asked "Whitman
or Brown".

* The polls are fixed!*
Marin Greens are on top of this, and have planned a protest.

* 5:00pm Demonstration starts*
6:30pm Debate begins between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman
At the corner of Acacia Avenue & Grand Avenue in San Rafael, CA

*1*. We are meeting at 4:00pm on the corner of Grand and Acacia in San
Rafael, CA.  If you arrive after 4:00pm, please make your way to campus
and find us in the free speech zone near Angelico Hall.
*2*. It's going to be hot and sunny tomorrow.  Projected high in San Rafael
is 91 degrees.  Bring water, sunscreen and sunglasses.
*3*. Wear Green.  Bring signs, cameras and video cameras.
*4*. Be flexible about parking because traffic in San Rafael, during rush
hour, is always a nightmare. Budget time for your search for parking into
your travel plans.
*PARKING OPTION 1*.  From 101 going North take the Central San Rafael exit
and turn right onto Irwin/2nd Street.  Take a left onto Union (at the
Whole Foods Market) and then a left onto Belle.  The far end of Belle is
the closest to Dominican, where it intersects with Elm Street (past
Coleman Elementary but before Marin Tennis Club).  We are hoping that we
can park in the school lot since it will be after hours.  If not, park on
the street.
*PARKING OPTION 2*.  From 101 (also going North) take Central San Rafael
exit and go left onto 3rd Street.  Take a right onto Lincoln, drive for a
mile or two and take a right onto Linden Lane.  This will take you under
the freeway.  When you emerge from the underpass, you take a hard
right/Uturn onto Elm.  Drive until you see Belle Ave.  It looks like they
will have staff directing traffic a block away if you take this route.
*PARKING OPTION 3*. If you can't find parking off Belle and Elm, go to
Montecito Mall.  Park and walk up Grand Avenue to Acacia.
5. For those who want extra online information, read the traffic report
for debate night http://www.srpd.org/pr/index.php?article-id=65.

Call me if you have additional questions or suggestions.  My number is
Marnie Glickman
Co-chair, Marin Greens


*Invite your friends to join us on Facebook and help us grow stronger:*
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