[SFGP Action] Reminder to Vote Today, June 6

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Tue Jun 6 11:01:49 PDT 2006

Please remember to vote today, Tuesday June 6!

Here are the San Francisco Green Party endorsements for today's election:

Congressional District 8: Krissy Keefer http://www.krissyforcongress.com/

State Assembly District 12: Barry Hermanson http://www.barryhermanson.org/

Proposition A: Yes

Proposition B: Yes

Proposition C: Yes

Proposition D: No Position

Superior Court Judge: Eric Safire http://www.safireforjudge.org/

Proposition 81: Yes

Proposition 82: Yes

Lt. Governor: Donna Warren http://www.donnawarren.com/

Controller: Laura Wells http://www.laurawells.org/

Treasurer: Mehul Thakker http://www.votethakker.com/

Secretary of State: Forrest Hill http://www.voteforrest.org/

Attorney General: Mike Wyman http://votewyman.org/ 

SF Green Party Statement on Senate Candiates
The Green Party of California has a contested primary in the race for US 
Senate. While our three candidates have similar positions on the issues, they 
differ in their backgrounds and proposed campaign strategies. Rather than 
endorsing a single candidate, the SF Green Party is providing the following brief 
summary in order to help voters in the Green primary choose which of the three 
they prefer as our candidate in the November election. The candidates are listed 
in a randomly chosen order: 

Tian Harter (http://tianharter.org/) is known among Greens for his 1-minute 
speech on climate change, accompanied by his "Mend Your Fuelish Ways" bumper 
stickers. He has been registered Green since 1991. If he wins the primary, he 
will participate in local Green campaigns and educate voters about climate 
change and the end of cheap oil. 

Todd Chretien (http://www.todd4senate.org/) is well known for his activism 
with the International Socialist Organization, and has been registered Green 
since 2004. He has raised over $30,000 and plans to aggressively raise money to 
run a highly visible campaign as part of the "Million Votes for Peace" slate. 

Kent Mesplay (http://www.mesplay.org/) ran for President in 2004 in the Green 
Party primary as an alternative to both David Cobb and Ralph Nader. He has 
been registered Green since 1995, and has raised over $1000 for his campaign to 
date. The main goals of his campaign will be to increase voter registration 
and promote Green issues. 

The San Francisco Green Party is also closely watching the race for Oakland 
City Council, District 2, where Green Party member Aimee Allison 
(http://www.aimeeallison.org/) is running an exciting campaign!  If you live in Oakland or 
know someone who does, be sure to remind them to vote Aimee Allison for Oakland 
City Council, District 2!
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